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No.  It is a voluntary associaiton of neighbors of Town & Country Estates. Members pay a nominal dues ($35) annually to enhance the social, safety, and attractiveness of our neighborhood . Projects are formed consistent with the level of support raised.


What is the value of a neighborhood association ?

A neighborhood that works together to ensure safety, provide social options, protect home values and  establish a voice with local regulatiors provides its residents with a great place to live.


How can I get involved with the TC Neighborhood Association?

Let your interest be known!  There are many ways for you to contribute. Each year there are opportunities to get elected for the Board.  Board members rotate off the board to allow for greater participation.  Also there is a need for folks to work on sopecific committees like events or advocacy, etc. Email to express your interest.


How often does the Board meet ? 

The Board meets quarterly or at least twice a year but may have special meetings if there is a special need or initiative. One meeting is the Annual Meeting for all members.


How is my $35 dues used and how are goals set ?

TCNA is dependent on membership dues each year when setting goals.  The Board sets goals in the area of social events, grounds, infrastructure after January when annual dues are determined. The more members we have , the more we can accomplish for our community. The minimum budget we need to maintain the entrance lights, post office box, this website, printing/mailing and supplies is approximately $2,000.  Once we have more than that, it is available of membership driven committees to use on their priorities.


Is the Pool Board part of the TCNA ?

This is a common question. There are actually 3 boards within Town and Country.  No, its not. The Pool Board is also a voluntary membership organization established to manage the pool.  Although there may be joint interest the organizations are separate.

In addition, there is a Town & Country Lake Association which is the only true HOA in our community.  These residents pay an annual fee to manage the private lake in T&C. These two assets are critcal to the culture of our neighborhood and add to the value of our homes. So, our neighborhood houses three organizations:  TCNA; T&C Pool; and T&C Lake Association. 


How long has the TCNA been around ?

The current structure of TCNA was initiated 3 years ago in response to zoning issues that could effect the neighborhood. The threat let us know that we had no central voice to speak for the neighborhood. We decided to incorporate the TCNA as a way to manage the critical relationships in our community.   However, the TCNA has had stops and starts dating back to the early 60's when T&C Estates was first forming. The discontinuity happens when folks move away from supporting the association or leaders move on and no one picks up the ball. We can't let that happen ! 


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