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Hello Residents of Town & Country

We'd love to hear from you

Greetings Neighbors!


We have so much exciting news and all of it is in our Spring Newsletter. Read more about the new board and neighborhood happenings here 

Don't miss the upcoming Easter egg Hunt on April 1st, at 11:00am near the pool on Briarcliffe and Kingston. If you are interested in signing up to participate, please let us know by filling out this short google form:


Michelle Johnson- President

Elizabeth Moyer- Vice President

Ken Elliott- Treasurer 

Cynthia Kennard- Secretary 

Tara Yale- Membership Chair

Rob Dufresne- City-Liaison Chair

Andrew Broughton- Website Chair 

Ana Wahl- Social Chair

Neighborhood Watch:

Sally Mercer-Neighborhood watch for zone 1 


Thanks to all who found Frosty in 2022!

Frosty had a great time traveling the neighborhood, making new friends, and seeing all the fabulous Christmas decorations!

Frosty was found the most by the Gagnon household and they helped unite Frosty with his new apprentice Frostina. They had to go find colder temperatures, but they'll be back next year for more fun!

Congrats to our 2022 Best Decorated House Winners!

What a great year for decorations in Town and Country! Can't wait to see what next year's light show will look like!

1st- 4372 Witherow Rd

2nd- 4510 Court Ct

3rd- 4131 Tangle Lane



Traffic Calming Measures:

One of the main complaints Town and County Neighborhood Association receives if about street safety.


TCNA board members spoke with representatives from the city, city council members, and representatives of the traffic department. As a neighborhood, we were already aware of speeding and rolling through stop signs, and as an association we took action. We submitted signed petitions from residents in areas where traffic calming could be implemented.


TCNA worked with the WS Department of Transportation to develop a traffic calming plan- utilizing multi-way stop intersection treatments, pavement markings, and lane lines.


These areas are:


Four Way Stops:

  • Loch and Oakland

  • Loch and Waterford

  • Loch and Briarcliffe

  • Mill Creek and Tangle

  • Mill Creek and Winburn


Three Way Stop:

  • Wicklow and Briarcliffe


Double Yellow Line:

  • Briarcliffe

  • Loch

  • Mill Creek


Cross walks will be going in at all existing stop sign areas.


Ballots were mailed out to residents in potentially impacted areas of proposed traffic calming. All ballots are due by the end of January 2023.  All votes count! Even ones that don't get mailed back. They are voted as a NO! We need 70% of positive support top get these measures passed.

If you need a ballot please contact us at

Volunteers Needed

Welcome Committee: Do you like getting out and meeting new people? Do you have places to recommend to newcomers to the area? A spot on the Welcome Committee might just be the perfect place for you!

Help us by keeping an eye out for new neighbors and welcome them with an info card on all things Town and Country. The cards are printed with information about where to find updates on neighborhood news and events.

T&C Neighborhood Watch: Are you not afraid to say something if you see something? Do you want to work with local law enforcement to make our community a safer place? If so our local Watch needs you! Please email for more information on how to get involved.

TCNA Board Members: Have great ideas about ways to improve our neighborhood? Street safety, community events, and involvement? We've got it all. Join our board in 2023 and help us make Town and Country and great place to live! Interested in joining, but don't know what you'd like to do? We've got several positions opening in 2023. For more information please email us

Join TCNA Today

One of the most common questions we get is,“why should I join the association; what does it do?” TCNA has three main areas of focus that help build a strong community: social events, governmental relations, and community building. Our neighborhood is a community, and that community is strongest when we are able to work together to speak with one voice.

What are your priorities for our neighborhood, and what would you like to see the association do in the future? The more our membership can reflect the neighborhood, the better we can serve the residents that make this a great place to live.  


To pay dues make checks payable to: Town & Country Neighborhood Association

Mailing Address:  3330 Briarcliffe Rd NW Winston Salem NC 27106

Or Pay online by clicking HERE

Dues are $35

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